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Thread: 01603764442 Fundraising calls from 01603764442

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    Kirsty J

    01603764442 Fundraising calls from 01603764442

    Got a call this Sunday morning from a charity asking for contibution on this number 01603764442. Should charities be ringing on a Sunday? Is it legit or a blag? Please help.

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    If you've donated to a charity recently, don't be surprised if a whole bunch of others get in touch. They must all share their benefactors' details.

    Can't say whether they're legit or not from the number alone - what's the charity called? Got a registered charity number? Should be very easy to check online.

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    Stick the number into google, see what that brings up. If they ring back ask them for some details and what they want from yourself, where they got your number?

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    G Turnbull
    Missed call to my husband's mobile yesterday. We did not know who it was and they never left a message. We did not ring back in case it was a sales company.

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    I got a call from this number but when I answered the caller put the phone down straight away.

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