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Thread: Whocallsme | Trace Numbers Through | Whocallsme

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    Whocallsme | Trace Numbers Through | Whocallsme

    There is a website called that also has information on nuisance phone numbers being reported by UK consumers. It is a US website that is published on Google UK also. You will find additional information on that will assist you with information regarding nuisance calls you are receiving.

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    Who calls me


    Who calls me seems to be geared around maliciously attacking companies. Every post and comment on who calls me is aimed to slander businesses and damage their reputation. It is not a site that traces numbers or looks up numbers to help identify missed calls for people. It is just a very malicious site where the moderator encourages browsers to destroy companies repuations. Uk individuals should be using British forums as oppose to US forums anyway. People should support their own sites as oppose to jumping on the US band wagon.

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    who calls me

    I stopped going on because regardless of what phone number you check, there is a lenghy vicious assault on that firm by individuals that seem to have a low IQ. Lots of very serious accusations are made against firms just because they may have rang a number they shouldn't have by accident. Most threads seems to suggest some sort of conspiracy.

    I got the impression that the moderator of the forum posts comments as well because a lot of the comments seems to be the same person using different names. Either the moderator allows this to go on even though it is the same IP address pretending to be different people or the moderator in some cases uploads comments as well.

    I just dont feel comfortable on that site that I am getting proper information that I am looking for. You know before you search a number that there will be a load of abuse hurled at that number. I think the website has lost track that people want info on numbers not just an aggressive attack on a firm by bizarre contributers that the moderator seems to allow and join in with them abusing businesses.

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    I think is a brilliant website. They are probably the biggest site going for phone number database info. They have a lot more numbers in their directory than this website forum and any other forum i know of. I like to go on both sites just to collate as much information as possible on companies. Thumbs up whocallsme!!!

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    Talking is really helpful and has provided me with lots of useful information on several occasions. It is a good site and lots of people use it in the UK even though it is an American website and not an English one. I am a regular visitor and think it is pretty cool!

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    The only thing with the whocallsme website is every comment is slanderous about every number in their database. You feel a bit depressed when you go on there because you know whatever number you search is gonna be bad news and always leaves you worried thinking you are gonna be of have been the victim of a scam. You can tell as well that the moderator of the site posts a lot of the opening comments to start the discussions off on UK numbers because they usually carry the same tone and also use american words like 'cell phone' instead of 'mobile phone' that a UK person would not say. It lowers the tone of the site a bit and makes it look a bit childish calling every number to a business a scam. It does help though with finding out company names. You just need to look past the malicious comments on there posted by the moderator and the browsers they encourage to go to town on businesses. I bet they have damaged some companies reputations with their malice comments and leaves me questioning the morals of the whocallsme forum. I have mixed feelings about the site.

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    Post what is it really about?

    As a number look up site it is OK - but it does not look up who owns the numbers from official sources - rather relies on forum members to do this for the site. Therefore it is inhabited by idiots who take information at face value without checking it out and many build cathedral sized conspiracy theories that seem to be accepted as real. Given anyone can post anonymously and in lots of cases create multiple personalities and actual talk to themselves whilst advancing some hidden agenda, make this forum very suspect. Those keyboard warriors!!! But I guess that you can never overestimate the intelligence of the Great British public.

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    Thumbs up Whocallsme Immoral Forum

    Finally, someone gets it! Well said previous poster! used to be the only site to go to for information on UK phone numbers and telemarketers etc. There are other phone number forums online but they usually have no comments or very few posted on there and are of little or no use so whocallsme was really the only option for UK consumers to rely on for info. Like you say though, you have to filter through all the nastyness, slander and lies about firms to find the true origin and information you are looking for on a phone number you are searching.

    Since i found The Nuisance Calls Forum, I now have an alternative to whocallsme for information on UK phone numbers and telemarketers, BUT...... The revitalising thing i have found on this site is the forum moderator does not encourage hate campaigns or slander!!! I come on here and find clean and clear cut facts on the origin of people that call me. IT IS LIKE A BREATH OF FRESH AIR! I actually feel pleasent and relaxed after using this site.

    I used to go on and felt dirty as i was reading each post about phone numbers. According to that silly forum, every phone number and business in the UK is a fraudulent con scam corrupt underhand trader. From Boots to B&Q. From Halfords to Natwest Bank. From Comet to the NSPCC. According to whocallsme, they are all scams. Even the RSPCA and the BBC are a scam according to whocallsme.

    When i go on now, the site just seems childish, pathetic and quite vile. The moderator probably thought they were getting UK firms by the short and curlys when they first started encouraging hate campaigns and loved watching firms beg for mercy to remove posts only to be refused and laughed at in their distress. HOWEVER, what has happened now is the forum moderator made the grave and fatal mistake of allowing anyone and everyone to slag off every firm in existence just for fun and call every business a con instead of only allowing such comments for genuine scam companies. So now, the worm has turned and the wheel has rotated back round and now nobody takes any notice of comments on whocallsme because browsers know that whatever number they enter in to their search facility will come back as a scam or a con.

    The site has no integrity, reliability and only serves to damage businesses. I dread to think how many customers businesses have lost in the past as a result of that evil, satanic website. I know a shopkeeper (a relative that sells sweets and cakes) in Hampshire that was severely damaged because of that draconius site where a business rival uploaded false comments saying his shop was dirty and being investigated by a hygiene authority and they begged whocallsme for help to remove the lies and he got an email back telling him to get lost and how he should have been nicer to his customers and cleaned and sanitised his shop properly! What a disgrace!

    The shopkeeper posted some polite responses on whocallsme and got some of his customers to post some testimonials about his shop that were positive and the forum moderator removed all of the positive responses. It is absolutely disgusting. The moderator is clearly a nasty piece of work with no integrity or education.

    It just goes to show that the moderator is obviously very low class, unintelligent and very childish and ferral. The shopkeeper told me that in America, the lady that owns the site, uses a mail box address and hides behind a charity that provides her with a free solicitor every time a company asks her to remove her false posts. This debauched lady refuses every time and plays on USA laws that allows her to get away with running such an immoral website.

    I just want to say thanks to The Nuisance Calls Forum for establishing a user friendly, family orientated, clean forum to help assist people looking for info on phone numbers without putting a bad taste in their mouth.

    Lets hope whocallsme eventually disappears off the internet and google gets rid of it once and for all and more and more people see the light because they have probably wrecked many decent small businesses through their wreckless moderation policies and refusal to help innocent businesses remove false posts!

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    I got a missed call from these on my mobile but I never rang back.

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