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Thread: 01294475312 Read this if had calls from 01294475312

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    01294475312 Read this if had calls from 01294475312

    What company is this?

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    This is a company called 'Santander', based in the Ardrossan area.

    Code: 01294 475 312

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    Get you own back on Santander Glasgow Mortgage Collections Team - 01294 475 312

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    This is a company called 'Santander', based in the Ardrossan area.

    Code: 01294 475 312
    This is the Santander GLASGOW Mortgage Collections Team. Their methods are to threaten and bully you repeatedly. Even if you have already spoken with them, and more importantly are no longer in arrears or the error is their end, they continue to call morning, noon and night on every number they have for you. Mostly they are recorded messages or silent calls, which is harrassment. If there is a person on the other end, they are not interested in helping you. You will repeat every conversation and continue to get the calls even after you have paid or remedied the arrears situation.

    Get your own back for the multiple nuisance calls:

    1. Withhold or hide your number.
    2. Dial 01294 475 312 and press option 1, this takes you to a person in the Glasgow Collections Team.
    3. Press mute on your phone and say nothing. Wait until they hang up.
    4. Repeat throughout the day and maybe they will understand what it is like. If enough people do this then they may have to start following acceptable methods.
    5. No point complaining to Customer Services as they support the illegal threats and bullying of that team and will state "we have to get our money back somehow!".

    You may also get calls from 0114 270 4701. Do the same as above, except when you dial that number is goes straight through to a person.

    If you don't take action, they will continue to get away with their behaviour.

    (In case you were wondering - no I am not in arrears and the original error was their end!)

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