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Thread: 08005426413 Read this if had calls from 08005426413

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    08005426413 Read this if had calls from 08005426413


    Had a weird call of this lot asking me for my address and loads of personal details. Reckoned they had mail for me and something about a telegram?

    Does anyone know what the hell this is about? I think its a fishing scam.

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    They rang me and asked for me by my first name only and then asked me to confirm my address. He said he had mail for me too. Why would somebody have mail for you? I said he had the wrong number and he then demanded to know if i was at the address in question. I terminated the call.

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    0800 542 6413

    This has just happened to me. I thought i would check it out and found this site. I knew something was adrift. I will warn everyone i know to be on their guard.

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    You should report these incidents to Action Fraud and they will look in to it.

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    Letter from dvsl

    I received a letter in the post this morning from the above asking for information for me to ring them and confirm my identity, should I just ignore it?? I have no idea who I have a debt with and I have read through posts saying they are associated with Capquest. I have also had countless phonecalls from unidentified asking for Mrs Jordan, this isn't my name but it happens to be my 18 year old sons first name! Odd!

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    Angry dvsl

    Don't answer there letters or phone them there methods of obtaining information are not within the codes of practice and they break the data protection laws, they are dodgy disgusting people!

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    I've had a phone call from this bunch requesting my info too, they wont leave me alone at all. They keep saying they will call me again and again until i give them what they want. they are disgusting people and need to grow up!!!!!

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    Thumbs up guest

    Just had a fishing letter...was I the same peson who used to live at...... If so please ring and quote ref
    No information as to why they want to verify who I am, or why, slightly different phone No to call ending in 2 rather than 3...
    Don't acknowledge they are fishing look at their name Data Verification can't even be consistent on their own stationery with their contact No. BEWARE

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    Thanks for that.

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    I have reported them to Action Fraud.

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