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Thread: 08000445265 Read this if had calls from 08000445265

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    C Farley

    08000445265 Read this if had calls from 08000445265

    Can sales companies ring you at any time of the day?

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    Angry BT Stellar Partners

    when called them back was advised that I was called as a result of BT providing my details to them so they could enhance my phone experience by receiving calls from marketing firms, I had gone ex directory as a result of a number of issues and had been TPS for years.

    when after 6 calls i managed to speak to someone on the advised number I was told it could take upto 6 weeks to stop the calls.

    I advised that i had not given permission for my details to be passed on and that i was recording this call and would put in a formal complaint if I had as much as one more marketing call from them.

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    Angry Fine these idiots 100,000.00 per Nuisance Call!

    I received their call at 18:34 hours this evening. Jerks! I'm subscribed to the Telephone Preference Service too. I stupidly rushed to the phone and answered this call BUT there was apparently nobody there! Must be using some kind of auto-dialler but they don't EVEN know how to use that effectively! They don't even try to train these scammers! It's outrageous! If only we could have ALL these nuisance calls automatically re-routed to 10 Downing Street then perhaps something would actually be done about them! What do you think?

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