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Thread: 08000445265 Read this if had calls from 08000445265

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    C Farley

    08000445265 Read this if had calls from 08000445265

    Can sales companies ring you at any time of the day?

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    Angry BT Stellar Partners

    when called them back was advised that I was called as a result of BT providing my details to them so they could enhance my phone experience by receiving calls from marketing firms, I had gone ex directory as a result of a number of issues and had been TPS for years.

    when after 6 calls i managed to speak to someone on the advised number I was told it could take upto 6 weeks to stop the calls.

    I advised that i had not given permission for my details to be passed on and that i was recording this call and would put in a formal complaint if I had as much as one more marketing call from them.

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